Your Project, Your Space

Your research project is turning a corner and your reports and emails are overflowing with data. How do you effectively take those answers and turn them into insights? Our partnership with you does not stop at the research. At WestGroup, we open doors and give you a space to get work done.

Complete staff and facilities are available for full focus group service or support services, including resources for conducting Hispanic/bilingual focus groups. The WestGroup team includes six on-staff experienced focus group moderators:  Kathy DeBoer, Glenn Iwata, Wendy Godfrey, Dave Maddox, Stephanie Apostol and Katy Gallert.  As a team we have each moderated hundreds of groups in Arizona and across the country on a wide variety of subjects.

Involved in the recruiting, administration, moderation, and reporting of focus groups and other forms of qualitative research for more than 50 years, the global/comprehensive WestGroup Research team has…

  • Highly effective recruiters including fluent Spanish-speaking recruiters who consistently provide qualified respondents with excellent show-up rates.
  • Constantly refreshed database for minimal past participation.
  • Transcribers capable of verbatim, cleaned, or summary transcription.
  • Simultaneous translation to Spanish of focus group sessions.
  • Digital Audio and fixed digital video included at no extra cost.
  • Continued to use focus groups for insightful exploration of target markets.
  • Explored the underlying reasons for market attitudes and behaviors.
  • Tested new concepts in raw form before investing production dollars.
  • Educated observers about real people within their target segments.
  • Tested legal arguments through mock trials.
  • Evaluated website and app usability.

To learn more about our qualitative research services, or to check availability of our facility for your next groups, contact Dave Maddox at 602.707.0050.