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We understand the challenges of defining, accessing and engaging your target market to gather meaningful insights and answers to solve problems.

Since 1959, WestGroup has helped local, national and global organizations make better decisions through best practice market research.

Gain a trusted advisor who understands your business and sound market research practices

Gain a collaborative partner with a full suite of proven market research and data tools to meet your needs and budget

Breathe easier knowing you have the reliable data and insights you need to confidently make the best business decisions

A few of the clients we’ve helped make better decisions

With WestGroup Research You Will…

  • AVOID drowning in data and being unsure of how to confidently and strategically leverage it
  • AVOID the frustration of one-size-fits all, or off the shelf research that fails to meet your needs
  • AVOID the hassle and unreliable data and insights of DIY market research
  • AVOID miscommunication and problems by vendors outsourcing parts of your project
  • AVOID dissatisfied customers/employees, lost revenue, and opportunities
  • AVOID feeling overwhelmed trying to handle market research by yourself

The WestGroup Assurance Plan

The path to reveal the relevant, uncomplicate the complicated, and translate trusted results into meaningful strategy.

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The WestGroup Research Difference

Better Research. Better Data. Better Decisions.

What Our Clients Say

Examples of Our Clients’ Outcomes

  • Insights into the minds of customers helped craft better service programs
  • Metrics tracking brand health revealed ways to improve customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and success were identified and leveraged
  • Feedback systems identified problems that became opportunities to turn detractors into champions
  • Data combined from multiple sources told the whole story and helped focus efforts to improve the customer experience
  • Knowledge to select the most effective messaging, campaign, and successful calls to action