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We understand the challenges of defining, accessing and engaging your target market to gather meaningful insights and answers to solve problems.

Since 1959, WestGroup has helped local, national and global organizations make better decisions through best practice market research.

Gain a trusted advisor who understands your business and sound market research practices

Gain a collaborative partner with a full suite of proven market research and data tools to meet your needs and budget

Breathe easier knowing you have the reliable data and insights you need to confidently make the best business decisions

A few of the clients we’ve helped make better decisions

With WestGroup Research You Will…

  • AVOID drowning in data and being unsure of how to confidently and strategically leverage it
  • AVOID the frustration of one-size-fits all, or off the shelf research that fails to meet your needs
  • AVOID the hassle and unreliable data and insights of DIY market research
  • AVOID miscommunication and problems by vendors outsourcing parts of your project
  • AVOID dissatisfied customers/employees, lost revenue, and opportunities
  • AVOID feeling overwhelmed trying to handle market research by yourself

The WestGroup Assurance Plan

The path to reveal the relevant, uncomplicate the complicated, and translate trusted results into meaningful strategy.

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The WestGroup Research Difference

Better Research. Better Data. Better Decisions.

One expert point of contact from proposal to presentation.

Your WestGroup Project Director designs and prices a custom research initiative in collaboration with you. This senior researcher remains your direct contact every step of the way. With the support of our experienced team, this expert skillfully manages the execution of all aspects of the study and presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations to your team and stakeholders. The result is a successful project, a positive experience and a strong partnership.

Best practice market research for reliable data and confident business decisions.

We guide you through the science of the market research discipline to a valid, objective study design that is also practical and budget conforming. We add relentless and rigorous quality reviews and advanced statistical techniques as appropriate. The result is better data and reliable information you can trust for defensible and strategic decision-making.

Big firm in-house capabilities, boutique “extra mile” service and competitive private company pricing.

Our offerings are wide and deep! You benefit from our ability to leverage, customize and tightly control the quality of our comprehensive, innovative in-house suite of quantitative and qualitative research tools, facilities, technology and software. Responsive, agile and high touch service are hallmarks of our brand. Going the extra mile is our business as usual. We never nickel and dime you and always effectively use your time and budget.

Integrity, transparency and commitment to the truth.

You will never wonder or worry about the status of your project or quality of your data. We never waiver from our commitment to honesty and transparency. It’s simply who we are and have been since our founding. If a challenge or unexpected obstacle arises, we are forthright and make every effort to pivot and offer creative solutions and a successful outcome.

What Our Clients Say

Market Research and Data Services

Full or Partnered-Services

Brand Health/Brand Trackers

Dynamic Dashboard Reporting

Message Testing

Customer Experience (CX)

Employee Engagement

Net Promoter Score / NPS®
Feedback Systems

Consumer and Citizen/Voter Surveys

Journey Maps

Travel Surveys

Concept and Product Testing

Mock Jury

User Experience (UX)

In-house Resources

Telephone Interviewing Center

On-site Intercepting (Arizona)

Statisticians / Data Analytics

Focus Groups – Facilities,
Recruiting, Moderating

IDI’s / Executive Interviewing

Expert Panel Research Management

Industry Expertise / Experience



Non-Profit & Member Organizations





Housing and Construction


Financial Services



Franchises / Retail

Manufacturing and Mining


People and Companies Who Trust Us

Organizations of all sizes from Fortune 500 companies to school districts

Corporate Marketing & Market Research Departments

Other Market Research firms who need our expertise or offerings

Advertising, Marketing and Communications Agencies

Educational Institutions

Courts / Attorneys

Subject Matter Expert Consultants who need a trusted partner

Local and State Government Agencies

Non-Profits and Churches

Examples of Our Clients’ Outcomes

  • Insights into the minds of customers helped craft better service programs
  • Metrics tracking brand health revealed ways to improve customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Key drivers of satisfaction, loyalty and success were identified and leveraged
  • Feedback systems identified problems that became opportunities to turn detractors into champions
  • Data combined from multiple sources told the whole story and helped focus efforts to improve the customer experience
  • Knowledge to select the most effective messaging, campaign, and successful calls to action