Your Questions Answered

We write your questions, conduct interviews, provide immediate top line data, and present a full report. WestTrack, Arizona’s oldest and largest ongoing omnibus study, is conducted monthly with a random sample of 400 adult household heads. Reports include appropriate tables and graphs, narrative findings, conclusions, and action-based planning points.

Choose from either the statewide or metropolitan Phoenix study, adding your own questions for a fraction of the cost of a full-service proprietary study.

  • Determine current positioning among competitors
  • Conduct pre/post studies before and after media buys
  • Monitor public awareness and perceptions on a regular basis
  • Test new concepts, track trends, or identify attitude changes
  • Create annual sample bases and profile market segments

Monthly WestTrack schedule:

  • Finalize questions by the 25th
  • Interview from the 1st to the 30th
  • Top lines and tabs by the 10th of the next month
  • Reports by the 15th

Westgroup Research_Omnibus Study_Phoenix