Dickinson Financial Corporation (DFC) is a family-owned financial institution based in Kansas City, MO with over $3.5 billion in assets and nearly 900 employees in over 100 locations nationwide.

As the holding company for Academy Bank (AB) and Armed Forces Bank (AFB), DFC provides full-service banking solutions for thousands of military and civilian clients.

DFC sold some of its Kansas City-based “brick and mortar” locations but kept its in-store locations and rebranded them as Academy Bank. They also maintained a significant presence on military bases nationwide as Armed Forces Bank.

Senior management called upon WestGroup Research to help them develop a strategy to meet the needs of military, consumer, and commercial clients, enhance customer experience and implement an ongoing system to gather client data they could use to improve service delivery.

The research campaign that WestGroup helped DFC develop identified five areas where improvement was needed. Since DFC implemented changes and modifications to fix the problems, its net promoter score (NPS) has increased by 10 points, and it has increased brand awareness and improved its image in all the markets it serves. Senior management can also track customer experience in real-time and resolve issues promptly. Read the case study to learn more.